Diane Haffner - Wife of Hugh Haffner Clallam PUD Commissioner till 2018

Sequim Realtors Association

Marc Daudon
Governor Inslee’s Environmental Advocacy Appointee to Energy Northwest Executive Board
"Will Purser is a man of integrity and forthrightness while possessing deep knowledge of the needs and interests of public power customers in Clallam County and across Washington State. I endorse him for reelection as Callum County PUD Commissioner. I have had the opportunity to work with Will on the Energy Northwest Executive Board for the last decade and, while we don’t agree on every issue, I respect his expertise, analytical skills, and leadership in the public power community. Importantly, he understands that electrification is key to a carbon-free future, providing low-cost clean electricity to meet most of our transportation, buildings and other energy needs over time - saving Clallam PUD customers’ money in the process. We need reliable clean electricity and innovative solutions to accelerate this clean energy transition – and reliable commissioners to wisely deliver on this potential. Clallam PUD customers will be well-served by re-electing Will this November! "

Port Angeles Realtors Association

Dave Remington
Past Energy Northwest Executive Board Member as a three-time gubernatorial appointee by Governor Gregoire and Governor Inslee
"It was my distinct pleasure to serve alongside Will Purser as we worked towards goals of excellence in operations and management for Energy Northwest. Will was one of the most committed and dedicated to excellence of all I had the pleasure of working with in Public Power, with keen insights into, and instincts for, what made sense and didn’t, applying both industry knowledge and plain old fashioned common sense. Tireless in pursuit, he was a leader and model to follow, with high and uncompromising standards.

Always focused on what was best for constituents, he carried the public trust forward in a most responsible way. He undoubtedly will continue to be a most responsible leader for Public Power when re-elected, and his position as Energy Northwest’s elected Chairman of its governance board by 26 member utilities will facilitate his ability to make a difference.

I wholeheartedly endorse Will for District 1 Seat for the Clallam County PUD 1 Commission. "

Charlie McCoughan - Port Angeles City Council

Larry Freedman
Former Sequim Attorney, Past Chairman Sequim Planning Commission
"Will....I am happy to endorse you for reelection for Commissioner of PUD. I would do this regardless of who your opponent is. You have always been totally professional in office and always put your constituents first. You have always promised only what was real, delivered on your promises and never made promises that you could not keep or should not keep because of the great cost to the citizens of Clallam County by more taxes and/or rate increases. "

Steve Wright
Former Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) Administrator and Chelan PUD General Manager
"I am happy to endorse Will Purser for re-election as Clallam PUD Commissioner. I have known Will for many years and he has been a tireless advocate for Clallam PUD customers. He has earned regional leadership positions where his experience and background have well served Clallam PUD. His re-election will contribute to assuring continued affordable and reliable PUD service with constant improvement to meet the challenges faced by the power grid. People who work hard and make positive change happen deserve to get re-elected."

Bob Spinks - Former Sequim Chief of Police

Doug Nass
Retired General Manager Clallam PUD
"I have worked directly with Will for the past 15 years and can vouch for his fairness, intelligence, high integrity, and dedication working for your PUD. He is committed to what is best for the Clallam County PUD’s customers.

During his time as Commissioner, he has helped bring the PUD up to a first class 21st century utility that has improved service and provided the latest technological advances. His professional participation in state and national organizations is critical and has helped add to the success of your PUD.

He has no outside agendas, and only works for the success of the PUD and its customers! I believe his reelection is very critical to the continuing success of your PUD!"

Ted Simpson
Retired Clallam PUD Commissioner
"I fully endorse Will Purser for re-election. Will has brought his experience and knowledge of PUD issues to his position and worked diligently on behalf of Clallam customers."

Paul McHugh - Previous Port Commissioner, Realtor

Brad Sawatzke
Retired CEO and Chief Nuclear Officer
Energy Northwest
"I am pleased to provide my endorsement of Will Purser for re-election as Commissioner to Clallam County PUD. During my ten years of employment with Energy Northwest I had the privilege to work closely with Will in his role as an Executive Board member. It was my experience that Will provided thoughtful and appropriately critical advice and feedback to the Energy Northwest Executive team based on his extensive industrial experience. Will is an excellent communicator who understands the challenges facing Energy Northwest and held us accountable to the needs of his constituents. Over the last decade Energy Northwest has made tremendous improvements in performance and it is due in no small part to engaged and experienced board members like Will."

Arie Callaghan - PUD Commissioner Grays Harbor

John Saven
Retired Director of NW Requirements Utilities and Governor’s appointee to the Executive Board
"As the Vice Chairman of the Executive Board of Energy Northwest, I wholeheartedly endorse Will Purser for re-election as a Commissioner to the Clallam County PUD. I have worked with Will for many years on the Executive Board of Energy Northwest, and most recently in his role as Chairman of the Board. Will is well respected for his hard work, dedication to public power, analytical skills, and perhaps most importantly, his ability to work with and respect a broad community of diverse interests. He works well with all of his fellow board members, staff of the organization, and seeks input from other groups and the community at large. He has a keen interest in cost efficient operations and ensuring the delivery of services that customers value. I could embellish on many of Will's many accomplishments over the years, but let me just say in conclusion that the members of Clallam County PUD would be well served to retain him. "

Tim Sheldon - WA-D State Senator

Jim Moss - Retired VP International Plumbers-and Pipe Fitters Union

Jack Janda
Commissioner, Mason PUD 1
"I would like to take this opportunity to ask the citizens of Clallam County to re-elect Will Purser to the board of commissioners of Clallam County PUD. My name is Jack Janda and I serve as a commissioner of Mason County PUD #1. As a fellow PUD commissioner, I have had the opportunity to collaborate directly with Will and observe his enthusiasm in protecting the rights of the customer he serves. Mr. Purser is informed and engaged with public power organizations that protect and support utilities such as Clallam County PUD and he works with other member utilities to investigate and pursue opportunities for carbon free power, reliable utility services at the lowest possible cost.

Will has the knowledge and experience to lead your utility into the future. We face challenges now and in the future that will place demands on your utility. Challenges such as meeting electric load growth, climate change, power sales contracts and much, much more. These challenges will require a commissioner that has the knowledge and experience to understand the complexity of issues and the wherewithal to address them. It is paramount to the citizens of Clallam County that you have proven leadership during these times.

Mr. Purser is a leader in the public power community. He most importantly puts his energy into Clallam County PUD and its owners and has been serving as the President of the Board. If you get a chance to visit the Clallam County PUD website, you will see the credentials he brings to your public utility.

Acting on the behalf of his fellow Commissioners, his Utility, and its customers, he has been asked to represent your interests by providing his education and experience to other associations and agencies to further meet the carbon free energy needs of your utility and the State of Washington. It is my hope that I and other utility commissioners will be able to work with Will into the future. "